I’ve Graduated: What’s Next?

August 25, 2020

Recently I finished my undergraduate degree, and so whilst I figure out what I want to do next, feel like I’m on the threshold of the ‘real world’, as I have no solid plans of what I am going to do next. Throughout my whole life, the next step has always been planned: after GCSE’s I went to sixth form for A-Levels, after that I went to university, and then throughout university it was just about passing all your modules to progress onto the next year of the course.


However now, as a graduate there is a whole wealth of opportunities and avenues I can go down. I’ve always been a big planner and like having my next step planned, and so personally I have found the lack of certainty quite difficult at times. Initially I considered travelling for a year to go and explore, starting at the Japanese 2020 Olympics as a volunteer and then carrying on from there. Then I thought about doing a masters in journalism or undertaking a graduate scheme in journalism and found some roles I really liked the look of, and was pretty set on this path until Covid-19 happened.

I was in the midst of applications and interview stages when lockdown was first announced, which put recruitment on hold for so many companies. For one, I had just done a video interview and had to wait nine long weeks before they decided to pull the scheme for the year and push back till September 2021 at the earliest. Whilst this is incredibly annoying, I do count myself lucky that I won’t have to start from square one again when applications open again next year, as the company have kindly said I will be fast-tracked through to the last stage as I have already completed all the other stages this year. However, this news still bummed me out as it meant that my plans for a graduate scheme have been delayed by a year, and there’s still no guarantee of a job with any of the roles I found.


I then thought I’d just do a masters, but I am such a people person, and the thought of taking out another huge student loan and moving to a new town to study primarily online for the first term didn’t appeal to me personally, and so I quickly put that idea on the back burner.


That left me with one option: find a job. I first worked in Tesco during my final exams and assignments, and then when I had to move home blagged a barista job with absolutely no experience (lattes and cappuccinos are the same right?!) to earn some money while I was figuring out my next steps.  Luckily I was able to disguise my lack of talent at making coffee for around a month, until I was able to leave as I had been offered a graduate job! I started last week and will be working remotely for the first few weeks before I am able to move to London and work hybrid style between offices and home. I am so excited about the next step and feel incredibly lucky I have been offered this opportunity as it really has got me out of a rut (and my double life as a barista!) The job is initially a 6 month contract and is predicted to last between 9-12 months so is an ideal stepping stone during this uncertain time and would enable me to still re-apply for a masters / graduate scheme next year.

In addition to all the real life adult stuff, since graduating university, I’ve taken some time to think about what I want to achieve personally in life outside of work and academia. During my final year I took an extra module in sustainability and I absolutely loved learning about different issues facing our planet and found it harrowing to learn how we as humans are destroying it. The course, and outside research made me realise that I want to live more sustainably and ethically, and think more about my lifestyle choices.


Since I started my blog, I haven’t invested that much time and attention to it, and I think this is in part due to me not really having a clear direction with the things I wanted to write. I think i just got lazy and did the easy ‘recipe’ post just to get something up and make it look active. However, whilst I love cooking and posting my food, I want to ‘re-brand’ and make this my blog a platform for sustainable and ethical lifestyle posts (covering food, fashion and beauty and fitness) and also be *slightly* more disruptive with the content I post. I’ve always shed away from being opinionated on here and in life in general as I have an innate need to be liked by everyone (eye roll), but I realise now I want to say what’s on my mind more and not shy away from what I believe.

By no means is this going to turn into a preachy eco-warrior blog, as that’s not me. I’m not perfect by any means: I’m just doing my best to live as a global citizen and do my bit for the planet. I am really excited about this blogs next step and really hope I can actually commit and invest time into it.

I hope you’re with me for the next step of the adventure!



Megan x



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